A bridge because it supports things, though not crossword puzzles most likely.

Supported Files & Features

Supported File Types

CrosswordPlayground supports the following file types:

  • Across Lite .puz
  • Across Lite .txt
  • Crossword Compiler .xml
  • ipuz Format

Or at least we think we support them. Please contact us if you find a bug. We have no affiliation with Across Lite or Crossword Compiler. The ipuz format is an open format from ipuz.org.

Supported Features

CrosswordPlayground does its best to support the following features for all file types we accept:

  • Rectangular grids between 3x3 and 21x21 with standard clue numbering
  • Circles to mark special squares
  • Rebus entries
  • HTML entities in clues (such as ūüí©)
  • Limited HTML tags in clues (such as em, strong, and sup)

Unsupported Features

CrosswordPlayground does not currently support the following features.

  • Non-rectangular grids (though you can make any puzzle¬†rectangular with enough black squares)
  • Images in clues or the grid
  • Custom colors, square sizes, or lines widths
  • Non-standard clue numbering
  • HTML entities in the fill
  • Non-circular mark¬†in¬†squares

In most cases, a file containing unsupported features will work just fine. However, non-standard numbering can really muck it up.