A cool playground like this one.

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CrosswordPlayground is a place where anyone can post and play crossword puzzles for free. And there's no catch. We don't track you to serve you creepy ads. We don't take the copyright of the puzzles you post. We just want everyone to have a good time and to give new life to puzzles that may not otherwise be played.

How to Play

If you're here to play, you don't even need an account. (Most playgrounds don't even have a fence, after all.) You should be able to solve on mobile, tablet, or desktop. You can even do the crossword using a screenreader. It's an accessible playground!

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How to Post

If you're here to post puzzles, signing up is free and easy. And posting your puzzles is a cinch once you have your account. You can upload your crossword in four common formats including Across Lite Puz and Crossword Compiler XML.

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Humane Technology

From its inception, CrosswordPlayground has been committed to the tenets of Humane Technology. In a nutshell, we don't want to get you addicted or manipulate you in any way. How is this commitment reflected in the website?

  1. Crossword puzzles are never ranked or rated.
  2. Crossword authors are never ranked or rated.
  3. There are no comments because we know how that goes.
  4. We never recommend puzzles.
  5. There is no infinite scroll. We use real pagers.
  6. There are no notifications.
  7. We don't track you.
  8. We don't serve personalized ads.

If you're here to play, you get to make your own decisions. You are forced to navigate the site with more intention. If you're here to post crosswords, you won't feel the constant temptation to see if your puzzles have gotten any new "likes" or "shares" or whatever. Remember, this the playground. Sometimes it's more fun if we don't keep score.